About Us

Being an outdoor family, we have always enjoyed camping out in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Several times a year we headed to the great outdoors for four-wheeling and dirt bike adventures.  We always ended the day around a roaring  bond fire.  It was a family tradition to go out and find the biggest logs that we could find and drag them into camp.  With a chainsaw and a hand axe these huge logs were whittled into campfire wood. There was always someone in the group with a guitar and we would all gather and sing around the roaring campfire.

Our love of the great outdoors and so many warm memories of those campfires are probably what attracted us to the firewood business. What joy there is in seeing families come in and load up firewood and head out for their camping adventures!

We have lived in the Franktown area for about 5 years and Parker for about 20 years.  We absolutely love our community here.  Our vision for this business is to provide the very best quality firewood and cooking wood products at reasonable prices and exceptional  customer service. 

We will always maintain our commitment to constantly seek new ways to provide you with innovative, quality exceptional service and competitive prices.



We believe in GREEN.

  Trees: Earth's only renewable natural resource

Firewood: We offer high quality seasoned firewood in full, half and quarter cords, bundles and bagged wood, fire starters, firewood racks and many more items for your firewood needs.

BBQ Cooking Smoking Wood:  Home of Smokey Bear's Gourmet Cooking Wood.

Traeger Wood Pellet Grills: Taste the difference!

Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnace: Reduce or eliminate high heating bills.  Heat your home, water and outbuildings. Winner of the 2011 Vesta Award.  Almost 100% efficient!



We believe in COLORADO.


We help support Colorado by carrying many wonderful quality items made by our own local Colorado artisians and businesses.  These items include:


Red Mountain Logworks - Crested Butte, CO

Carole Bourdo Originals - Trinidad, CO


Reflections in Metal  Co - Cortez, CO

Chainsaw Art Various - Colorado Artisans


Rocky Mountain Antlers  -   Castle Rock, CO

Indian Crafts - Local Colorado Indian


We believe in PEOPLE AND GOD.


We give to the following:



Parker Task Force

Youth for Christ

Denver Rescue Mission

Movement 5280

Salvation Army ( Victims of Colorado Wildfires)